COVID-19 UPDATE 4 May 2020


I hope you all had a good weekend allowing the gently autumn sunshine to warm your skin and your soul. Simple animal pleasures, huh. You can’t beat them.

Anyway – it is time for my weekly update from work limbo-land!
So far there have been no definitve guidlines published for massage therapists from the discussions New Zealand Massage are conducting with the Allied Health Professional Association and the government. We are still waiting to get a thumbs up for recommencing work, which will definitely not happen before we reach level 2. If nothing else, the COVID-19 is teaching all of us patience and going with the flow…

It is actually quite amusing to think of possible future massage scenarios. There is no doubt that hand hygiene and social distancing will still be a prominent feature, but I hope it won’t be as bad as the photo you can see if you click on this link:

Although in this scenario we could expand our services to give you a roll-on spray tan at the same time. Or how about painting you green for a fancy dress party? Personally, I feel ready to paint the town red for one night. Clearly, being patient is easier some days than it is others.

Keep smiling and look for the funny side. There is always one, sometimes one just has to look a little harder!