Male YogaWhat’s wrong when you have massage and do the stretches the therapist has given you, but the pain returns after a while?

Chances are, you have a muscle weakness and/or imbalance.

When skeletal muscle is weak and can’t do its job properly, it has no choice but to tighten up.

This is the only way weak muscle can stabilise the joints it is acting upon.

This means that straight after a massage you may feel great, but the tension will inevitably return, unless you strengthen the affected areas.

Weakness/imbalance most commonly develop from work and postural habits.

Sometimes muscles start to misbehave after an injury.

They may “switch off” to stop the pain and just not “switch on” again.

What you can do:

If you just want to “fix” this one problem, you could:

  • Ask a physiotherapist for a corrective exercise programme
  • Have a corrective exercise session with Janelle Woolridge 
  • Try a one on one Yoga session

If you want to transform your body more extensively, we at Painremovers are great believers in the power of yoga.

Yoga stretches you WITH strength, or strengthens you WITH stretch however you want to look at it!

For a better body, we highly recommend that you add the regular practise of yoga into your exercise routine.