Why Massage?

Choose massage that works for you!

Out of the sum total of all body tissues, 80% are soft tissues and 20% are bones (hard tissues).

Massage Therapy works on the soft tissues of the body, predominantly on the muscles and fascia.

As the name suggests, “soft tissues” are soft and pliable. This means they adapt to the way we daily use and abuse them in a variety of ways depending on the type and duration of stress we place on them. Soft tissues can lengthen, shorten, tighten, develop trigger points or lay down extra fibers, all of which can cause discomfort.

By sheer force of being the body’s most abundant tissue, soft tissues can be the culprit for a vast array of pain symptoms which we don’t necessarily associate with soft tissues. As an example, the majority of headaches are caused by trigger points in the neck muscles.

Massage Therapy helps to re-balance the tension in the various soft tissue structures, by stretching, increasing the blood flow and calming down the nervous system.
This generally leads to instant pain relief for our clients and allows the natural healing powers of our bodies to take over.

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