My name is Roland from Hoogervorst Architectural Builders. I have trained under my father and have been in the construction trade for 30 years. In recent years I started to find it harder and harder to do a long week’s work without various aches and pains flaring up, such as my back and neck, cramping in my legs and a pain in my right arm and wrist that really concerned me and made me wonder how much longer I could continue with physical labour.

For this reason I tried massage about 5 years ago. Initially I only went when things where really bad for one off treatments and then carried on as usual. After a while of this “bottom of the cliff” stuff, my massage therapist at Painremovers persuaded me to book in more regularly.

She said that with the amount of hard physical labour I do, massage is not a luxury but a necessity and that I would feel much better on a daily basis if I had regular maintenance massage. I must say, it has made a big difference to how I feel.

Even after a very busy week I no longer feel completely wiped out and any aches and pains get quickly under control again. I can once again keep up with staff members 20 years younger than me.

Another thing that I find very beneficial is the mental relaxation that comes with massage. I have a lot on my mind and when I have a massage at the end of the week it helps me unwind. I can highly recommend massage treatments to anyone in my trade.

I first visited Painremovers Massage Clinic because I was experiencing back pain from my work as a builder. The clinic was recommended to me by a friend so I thought I would give it a try.

I was impressed with the clean, comfortable clinic and the warm greeting at the reception. I filled out the information sheet and was then shown through to the treatment room. The therapist listened attentively while I explained where I was experiencing pain and then assessed those areas of concern.

The quality of treatment was very good and at the conclusion of the appointment the therapist showed me some helpful stretching exercises which I use frequently. I have visited Painremovers Massage Clinic on a regular basis since my initial appointment.

My recent appointments have been for post operative treatment from knee reconstruction surgery.

I was experiencing pain in my hamstrings and loss of muscle tone. The massage therapy has been very helpful with my recovery and the support and professionalism of the therapist is the reason why I recommend them.

Thank you Painremovers!! Nigel, Christchurch

I have been having regular massages from Verena for nearly a year now. I came with ongoing muscular and /or neurological pain in my right leg, which had been “cured” and re- “cured” over a period of 15 years.

By the time I began seeing Verena I was back to not walking without limping, I couldn’t run without serious pain, and I wasn’t able to sleep without painkillers. In 2012 I set myself a long-term goal of getting rid of this pain for good. I knew it would take me effort and time and I also knew I needed a professional to help me achieve this. Verena was the fourth masseuse I tried.

From the first visit I knew that she was someone who was interesting in finding the cause not just treating the symptom. She explored a number of options to find the source of my pain. She gave me homework between sessions (exercises to balance my muscle groups – she would demonstrate and they are on her website) and expected me to do them if I was serious about being pain free.

Within 4 sessions I was sleeping again without painkillers. I still am. Verena is an outstanding masseuse. I would especially recommend her to those who are committed to putting effort into removing their pain for good.

Many of my more recent massages from Verena have worked on releasing stress related tension rather than pain as such – she is great at these too!

Cheers Joy, Christchurch