How to treat trigger point pain at home

How to treat trigger point pain at home.

There are two easy things you can do: 1: If you have worked out where a trigger point is  (or your massage therapist has shown you), you can easily treat that trigger point at home.  Find the spot, use as much pressure as necessary for the referral pain to kick in, wait until the pain recedes, then increase the pressure. Repeat 3-4 times, holding 30-40 seconds each time.  If you have trouble reaching around your back, neck, or shoulder blades, use a tennis ball, place it on a firm surface and lie on it. 2:Another easy, inexpensive thing you can do is to use heat. Either via a wheat bag, heat pack or even a hot damp face cloth or hand towel micro-waved for a few minutes will do. Not sure if your pain is trigger point pain? Read more about trigger points in the “Pain” section. Want to read more extensively about “how to treat trigger points at home?”