Massage Prices

Our prices as follows:

90 minutes $130
60 minutes $90
45 minutes $75
30 minutes $55
15 minutes add-ons $20
3 x 60 minutes packages $255

Payment options

EFTPOS, no Credit Card for single treatments.

Massage packages can be purchased through Paypal using Credit Cards

You may wonder why you can get a massage from “Grab-One” or “Treat-me” for half this price…

Did you know that in New Zealand massage therapy is not regulated? People who may have done a weekend course in relaxation massage can call themselves “massage therapists”.

Clients who have tried these “cheap” massages have noticed a big difference between these and the skill, expertise and commitment of our trained and qualified therapists to solve their problems!

However we do have some specials available: Purchase a package of 3×60 massages and receive $10 off.

Or look for “Grab-A-Massage” specials on our website with the “Grab-A-Massage” button. “Grab-A-Massages” are advertised a maximum of 16 hours before the appointment. They reward you with a cheaper rate for being flexible with your time and filling last minute cancellations or free spots.