Sleep deprivation makes you hurt more!

Sleep deprivation makes you hurt more! This is a well documented fact. So far, there is no scientific evidence of actual musculoskeletal tissue changes. What seems certain though is that our nervous system (brain and spinal cord) becomes much more sensitive, thus increasing all  pain sensations. There is overwhelming evidence that sleep deprivation and insomnia increases the intensity of trigger point pain (fibromyalgia). Chronic lower back pain sufferers are much more likely to be sleep deprived. There is a close relationship between migraines and lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation even increases the muscle soreness after sport considerably, no matter how fit you are. We also know that chronic sleep deprivation depresses the immune system. This means many more head colds and small ongoing infections for the sleep deprived person. And if this is not enough, sleep deprivation also hurts us mentally and emotionally by causing and aggravating many psychiatric disorders. For a helpful sleep tutorial read the following blog: