• 1.editing
    this will help you writing your blogs
  • How do I login?


    Go to




  • How do I insert images?

    Inserting images

    Use insert media for uploading or inserting images

  • How do I publish a post?

    When finished click the blue 'Publish' button on the right and they are live.



  • How do I create tags and categories?

    Start creating and using categories for your posts (create new category on the right). By default they go into the 'Uncategorized'. I have created a category 'pain'

    and use tags (below that on the right) so it will be easier to look for key words.




  • How do I change fonts and colours?

    Think of the word processor as a simplified MS Word version. Don't go overboard with different fonts and colours and use the fonts that are designed for the site, that makes it much easier in the variopus browsers people are using.

    Always use the headings that are built in ( on the editing menu: Format > Formats > Headings)


    and remember that the things you see while editing will look different to the final product in regard to layout, fonts and colours

    you can preview the post (after updating it) using the 'view post' option, in the line under the title of the post.