Massage Therapy – Traffic Light System Update

Dear clients and friends,

The government mandates that we are going into the new COVID management system at the end of November 2021.

How does the traffic light system affect massage therapy?

Massage workers are part of “close contact workers” which are required to be fully vaccinated.


If the traffic light is green, close contact businesses are allowed to operate without using customer vaccination certificates, provided that the worker wears a face mask and remains 1 metre distant from the client.

Orange or Red

When the traffic light is orange or red and customer vaccination certificates are not used, close contact businesses cannot operate.

In summary, once the traffic light system gets underway, non-vaccinated people cannot receive massage therapy unless the traffic light is green.

In order to manage this transition with a minimum of fuss, the online booking system reminds customers that they have to produce a vaccination certificate on arrival or they cannot receive massage.

Thank you for your custom and your understanding.

Verena McGregor, Painremovers Massage